Case Studies

Residential Professional Organizing

A Washington DC family had to prepare to sell their five bedroom house, which held
twenty years of accumulation of personal property, memorabilia, clothes, records,
and household items, as well as excess furniture. All of the items had to be
accessed for value of importance and reorganized for storage, sale or disposal
within 30 to 60 days. The personal and professional documents were stored in
various locations throughout the house.
Absoulute Organizing Solutions streamlined and organized a wide range of personal
and professional documents by creating a logical, easy to maintain filing system for
storage and maintenance. AOS also identified and organized the entire inventory of
household items into categories for sale, distribution, donation, safekeeping,
retention and disposal.

A Maryland residence could not find items stored in her overflowing closets. Some
shoes were in boxes others on the floor, clothes, pocket books, and accessories
were stored in four different closets. She was constantly purchasing duplicate items
because she could not find it when she was ready to wear the items.
Absoulute Organizing Solutions worked with the client to have new closet shelving
installed, and sort and purge all of the items in the closets. The items were sorted
in categories such as Keep, Donate, Toss based on the client’s current size, style,
type, last date of use, and love of the items. AOS then organized the items by type
and color on the new shelves and drawers in each closet.

Corporate Professional Organizing

The President of a non-profit organization office was chaotic and disorganized.
There were piles of papers, office supplies, and other items throughout the office.
The Executive always felt overwhelmed with so many items piled in his office. It
took hours, sometimes weeks or longer to respond to request because he could not
find a document. This executive needed to eliminate the piles, have an efficient
filing system and processes to help him become more productive.
Absoulute Organizing Solutions designed an efficient and effective filing system that
allowed the executive to locate and re-file documents with ease. A home was
created for all of the supplies and other items stored in the office. AOS sorted and purged each pile, created categories, developed processes for incoming items, and
setup an easy to maintain system.